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    Tableau vizes embedded into webpage often blank

    Imran Akbar

      I have a webpage with 7 Tableau visualizations in it, coming from Tableau Server 9.2.


      I am using the Javascript API to load each visualization.  However, the visualizations sometimes never get loaded properly, and end up being blank.

      Each viz is doing a live connection to a Vertica cluster.


      I am using my own query engine which generates the SQL necessary based on the filters selected by the end-user in the webpage, and inserts the final rows of data into Vertica.

      When the data has been inserted, I tell each viz to refresh like this:







      I then check to see if the viz has loaded or not, by selecting and then counting marks like this:






      sheet.getSelectedMarksAsync().then(function(result) ....


      and then printing out each data point like this:

      $.each(selectedMarks, function (i, mark)


                              $.each(mark.getPairs(), function (j, pair)


                                  console.log(pair.fieldName + ": " + pair.value);




      What's puzzling is that even when the charts are blank and empty, it still logs to the console every data point from that chart.  So I don't think it's an issue of Tableau not being able to read the data.


      This happens on both Chrome and Safari, on Mac OS X, and has happened to multiple users.

      There are no errors in the developer console.


      Any ideas how to debug this?