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    Calling a web service

    Glenn Schneck

      Hello all!  I am using Tableau on the 14 day free trial and I am tying to connect to a web service which connects to a data source on the mainframe.  I used the simulator to connect to the URL but is indicates that I need to use a web connector,  Not knowing much about JavaScript I am struggling to retrieve the data.  When I run the URL in the simulator it comes back and asked for the USERID and PW but no data is returned.  Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated!!  Thanks!

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          Tom W

          Hi Glenn,

          You will need to build your own web data connector as per the developer docs and examples here - Web Data Connector


          When you say you're using simulator - you cannot just put in the URL of your existing service. You actually need to input the URL to your Tableau Web Data Connector you've built (or will build).


          So effectively you're going to end up with a Tableau Web Data Connector (which an HTML page) which connects to your Web Service to retrieve the data and your WDC will format/transform and return your data to Tableau.

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