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    Teradata connectivity with Tableau server.

    Irfan Mohammed

      Hello Everyone.


            I have implemented a 4 node system with 1 primary, 2 workers and 1 bkp primary. I am struggling with Teradata connectivity on Tableau server. I have downloaded and installed Teradata native drivers (64 bit) following the recommended sequential steps. I have installed Tableau desktop on one of the servers and I am able to connect to Teradata seamlessly. But when i try to publish a Tableau workbook with a live connection to tableau server, it just shows a screen 'an error has occurred'. It still publishes the workbook but the connectivity doesnt work. Initially it was showing an ODBC error message but after VM restart, it just shows one liner as 'an error has occurred'. Juts to mention, I have installed tableau server on a network drive and not on the local C:\. I have installed Teradata drivers (only the 64 bit) on the default C;\. Not sure if that makes any difference. I have installed and configured Teradata drivers on primary, worker1 and worker2. The environment variable is also set to the Teradata location on the C:\. I am really confused as to why the connectivity would work on the Desktop and not on the server. Also I havent installed the 32 bit Teradata drivers. Do I need to install that as well? I would really appreciate if someone could guide me on this as I have spent a lot of time on this already. I just need to make this server connectivity work and my environment is ready.


      Thanks and Regards,