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    Can you give labels a background color?


      I'm trying to convert some reports that have up to this point been in Excel to Tableau. The request is that we make them look as close as possible to the original, including data labels. Currently, my chart would look something like this




      In Tableau, when I put the data labels, I don't see any way to put them in a box like what we're using now, and that's an issue on the ones that touch the bar's borders.




      Is there any way to give these a background?

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          Adam Crahen

          Hi Jeremy-


          You can get shading using reference lines, but they are plotted at the value not at a certain alignment like the center of the bar.


          There is a lot of chart junk in there.  You are labeling every point on two different axes that are visible, plus borders and grid lines.  It is a good practice to not try and replicate Excel in Tableau.  There is usually a better way to visualize the data.


          9.3 attached.