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    Tableau Server

    nadipalli uma saranya

      Hi team,


      Now i am taking PDF format for action of specific user ...if there would be a way to run the Tableau reports and then have them automatically transferred to a specific area on SharePoint???

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          Carl Slifer

          Howdy Nadipalli,


          You may find enlightenment here: Tabcmd Examples | Tableau Software or here:Scheduling emails .


          In your case you will need to have Tableau Server and then you will use windows scheduler to run a batch script which will tell your Tableau Server to print a .pdf of the report. You can tell it where to save the .pdf or use another scheduled task to move the .pdf to the selected location via sharepoint.


          There are probably a few other tutorials hidden around the forums, you will need understanding of programming to run powershell or however you decide to make a batch script.



          Carl Slifer