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    INDEX() in Gantt Chart confusing


      I have a gantt chart for project timeline, where I want to reduce the view to one row (= one project).

      I tried a solution from here: How to deal with large customer base when showing customer profile history


      But in my case INDEX() is returning for all the rows only 1 and I don't want to use filter because in a dashboard the projects timeline overview sheet will hold the action filter so I click on the project in the overview and get details below where only one project is visible.

      While writing this question I figured out, that this is because of the Pivot field values (generated with the pivot option in the data source sheet) I use to place some date dimensions on a second axis as milestone markers.


      As I need these milestone markers in my visualization I can't remove them.


      So my question is:


      How can I restrict the Gantt Chart to show only 1 row (eventually per page?)?

      My goal is it to use this then for a more detailed view.


      Thank you.



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          Tom W

          Hi Ahmed,

          Please attach a Tableau Packaged Workbook.


          It's likely you're setting the table calculation incorrect for the Index field, but it's hard to say without seeing your workbook

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            Hi Tom, yes I needed some time first so I thought the question might be answered already before I finished the example. Here is it:

            CIDX is the calcluted index, I wasn't able to simply get every row a increasing number starting with 1.

            I think this is because of pivoting like I mentioned already, but I can't go without pivoting...


            edit: I just saw that because of the cidx the milestone markers are in some cases not on the same axis as its project...this is a problem too