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    Filtering on Tableau Server

    Thomas Martin

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm encountering an issue. I have a built two dashboards and a worksheet that I've combined into a story which is published to tableau server. On the published worksheet there is an option to select an accounting period. When I change this selection, the new filter is not applied to the dashboard components of the story.


      In desktop, this filter works fine. The functionality just isn't working when I publish to our Tableau Server site.


      Any ideas?





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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Thomas,


          When one put a worksheet or a dashboard onto a story

          and change something in it, its' "state" (including filters,

          formatting, annotations etc) become "frozen" of a kind --

          one could change something on a story point, but those changes

          doesn't propagate onto originating objects (original worksheets / dashboards).


          This includes Quick Filters, which could be set originally as common

          for the Selected Sheets or even Datasource(s), but would have no effect

          when changing after a worksheet has been included into a story point.


          Hope it could help.