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    Change in NH TUG meeting agenda

    Adam Ackerman

      Hi All,


      One of the speakers (Laura Bloom) who was scheduled to present at the 6/23 TUG has a meeting conflict and won't be able to join us.  To fill her spot, we will have Joel Johnson from Abilis Solutions present on CORIS and Tableau dashboard integration.




      30 minutes:  Tableau Used in CORIS: Joel Johnson, Business Intelligence Consultant, Abilis Solutions Corp

        CORIS is a correctional information system that runs prisons and jails (including Maine, NH, Virginia and soon Tennessee).  Safety and operational efficiency are top priorities for the State Department of Corrections.  Dashboards were created to visually analyze key offender information (such as incidents and gang affiliation) in prison.  These dashboards enable officials to proactively identify potential issues so corrective action can be taken to improve safety.  Key learning’s are how Tableau’s data visualization capabilities can be applied to a large, secure, mission critical database and used to highlight critical trends happening by focusing on the right data and setting the right range settings