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    Interest in an EIA TUG Slack Team?

    Spencer Swartz

      Would anyone be interested in a Slack Team for this group? for those who don't know what slack is, take a look at this video https://slack.com/is .

      I have joined the groups bellow that you guys may find interesting.


      http://techcorridorio.slack.com  -this is an eastern Iowa group focused on everything tech

      http://tableau-users.slack.com  -this team is specifically targeted for Tableau, sadly there is no longer a lot of activity on it.

      http://experfylabs.slack.com     -WOW... is about all I have to say about this team. If you are interested in what the experts are doing in Machine Learning, Data Science, and Visualization this is the place to be. TONS of daily activity.


      Let me know if anyone is interested in starting a team and I will be sure to get one started!