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    Web Objects URL Image - Sizing Issue

    Matt Hunter

      In Tableau Desktop - Dynamic Images generated using Web Objects and URL actions appear to work fine.  However, once published they do not work.



      The results vary by browser.


      Firefox v47 -- The image resizes to fit the pane - but has the "magnifying glass" which, once clicked, zooms-in (eliminating resizing) without ability to return to previous state


      Opera 38.0.2220.29 - Image does not resize

      Chrome 51.0.2704.84 - Image does not resize


      The following discussion appears to have some tedious workarounds that may or may not work.

      Need Help with Resizing Web Page Image in Dasbhoard


      It appears that a related idea was generated on Oct 6, 2014 but has not progressed any further since.



      This functionality would greatly enhance the ability of Tableau to convey engaging data stories.


      My questions are as follows:

      1) Other than up-voting the idea above, how can I help this functionality gain further attention and priority?

      2) Is anyone aware of additional / better  workarounds or corrections that are available in the meantime?

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          Tom W

          1. You can try hassling your Tableau Account manager but I've never had success personally with this approach.

          2. I can't think of any other better workarounds. The idea of embedding a page which handles the display of the image will give you the most control. Perhaps you could hack the CSS on Tableau Server as well, but I don't have experience with this.