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    Tableau extract refresh - premature end - network / tabprotosrv

    Jeff Strauss

      We have a few extracts in the 100 million row range.  When they are refreshed on the server (via a backgrounder), they return fewer than 100 million rows (i.e. 70 million rows).  No error messages, no event viewer errors, nothing.


      A few areas of focus have been on network bandwidth and tabprotosrv.  Any ideas on where else we should look?



      1. Network bandwidth: we have a 1 gig NIC Dell Broadcom card on the server.  When I watch it, it goes up and down and appears to spike up to 600 mbps.  Any concerns here?




      2. tabprotosrv - This is the process that communicates with the database (i.e. Pivotal Greenplum) via the driver (Data direct).  One item that we see within task manager is that is has a max_duration of 60?  What does this indicate as the log for the specific tabprotosrv processes show it being alive for longer than 60 minutes.