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    Stacked Bar  - Problems

    Vinod Thomas


      I created a stacked bar chart using Tableau, but I am facing some issues with the data tableau is using to make this chart. The stacked bar is based on percentage of a parameter over another parameter.



      Parameter 1 - Shortages ( a number)

      Parameter 2- Type of Shortage (this comprises of the following types) - Other, Sender, Issues, Issues 2, Mind, Trap, Doubt


      Parameter 3 - Revenue(number)

      Parameter 4- Date


      So I calculate percentage by dividing Parameter 1/Parameter 3 and when I plot a bar graph I get a good graph with accurate figures over the date range.


      Now when I drag the Parameter 2 onto the Color icon, I get a stacked bar chart for each month with the type of shortages (%), but the Parameter 3( Revenue) for each stacked bar is different for the same date. I do not understand why the denominator should change here.


      Any idea why this is happening? Can someone help me solve this