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    Show/Hide parameters(or quick filters) based on "data value" selection

    Tausif Farooqui


      Select on any value from sheet 1, and the Measure parameter appears.  Clear the selection and it goes away.



      Hey Joe,

      can you help me in implementing this ? I cannot figure out from the sheet, which calculated field is used to show/hide parameter.




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          Joe Oppelt

          Tausif -- I branched this to a new thread.  I reattached the example workbook to this reply.  It is currently V9.0.


          In the dashboard Layout shelf you see a vertical container that has two objects in it:  Sheet 4 and the Measure parameter.


          There is a filter action on this dashboard that passes the selected [Region] value to Sheet4 and to Sheet3.  Let's just look at Sheet 4 for now.


          In sheet 4 there are two filters.  One is the value of [Region] passed to the sheet by the action.  The other is a calc field that says "if the region is not null, then value of this calc = 1".  I put that calc on the filter shelf and selected for value = 1.


          The way the action works, it either passes the clicked [region] from the dashboard, or it passes null if you clear the selection.

          So when we have cleared the selection, Sheet 4 is empty, and it collapses down to nothing on the dashboard.  Because it shrinks, the parameter that is positioned below it nestles at the bottom of the shrunken sheet.  Because that container sits behind another container that is colored opaque white, you don't see what's happening behind the scenes.  To help you see, go to Dashboard 3.  It's the same, except I made the color of the hiding container a little bit transparent, and I put a border around it.  Now when you click a bar in sheet 1, you can see what it's doing.


          Sheet 3 kind of works on the same principle.  It displays only when [Region] = "Central".  Same sort of calc and filtering mechanism.

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