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    Date Filter Help

    Brian Joe

      I am looking for help creating a specific date filter that will tell the price of different products at that specific point in time.

      For example, I want to have a filter for one specific day and output the price of baseball, basketball and football.


      Date Filter: December 2, 2013

      Baseball: 4

      Basketball: 11

      Football: 15


      Date Filter: March 25, 2014

      Baseball: 6

      Basketball: 15

      Football: 16


      I believe it will work if I create an "Price Valid To" dimension but I have been unsuccessful (for example the first row would have a "Price Valid To" date of March 31, 2013) and then use a parameter for a range between the "Price Valid From" and "Price Valid To." As mentioned, I have been unsuccessful down this road so if anyone has any suggestions or other solutions please let me know.




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          Ivan Young

          Hi Brian,

          I don't think this should be too difficult to do but you will need to keep date in your view although it could be hidden.  I'm currently using 9.2 so I can't open your workbook.  I should still be able to walk you through the process of building your valid to field which you can use with a param.


          1.  Build [Valid To]: IFNULL(LOOKUP(MIN([Valid From]),1), TODAY()) - You will not have a value to lookup when you get to the max date for each product so we replace with Today's date


          2. Set the Compute for [Valid To]



          3. Build your parameter


          4. Build your filter: [Between] >= ATTR([TransDate]) AND [Between] < [Valid To]


          5.  Drag your filter field to filters and set to 'True'


          Screenshots of the data before and with a param set to 3/16/2016


          Let me know if you have any questions.