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    Creating multiple time filters or parameters

    Robert Murphy

      I'd like to create multiple custom time filters or parameters for my worksheet for the following periods:


      Last Twelve Months

      Last Three Months


      Last Year

      Last 3 Years


      Is this a filter or parameter?  This will apply to a transaction data set.  Thanks for your help!

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          Tom W

          Create a list parameter with your options, then create a calculated field you use as a filter which reads the parameter value and constructs a filter accordingly.


          IF [myparameter] = "Last 3 years" and [Sale Date] >= dateadd('year',-3,[Sale Date]) and [Sale Date] <= today() then 'Include'

          ELSEIF [myparameter] .......

          ELSEIF ...........

          ELSE 'Exclude'


          Complete your logic, drag the calculated field onto the filter and set it to 'Include'