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    In-Tableau Pivoted Data won't refresh

    Crystal Gray



      I have a Data source for which some columns we pivot (to build a waterfall) using Tableau's data prep tool. This worked for a couple months, now all of a sudden the extract won't refresh. I hit "refresh extract" and it goes through the motions, even says for a second that it's loading rows, but then goes right back to saying it's extracting data. I've left it like that for now a maximum of 252 minutes. Too long, right?  No error, or anything to give a hint of what might be the problem.


      And ideas what I can do?





      So I just ran again and noted what comes up in the dialog box:


      - Creating extract database (lasts about 30 seconds)

      - Loading data source for the first time, create an extract for a faster start-up experience (this lasts about 90 seconds) (p.s. I am refreshing an extract, it is an extract!)

      - Creating extract database (lasts about 2 mins)

      - Importing rows (last 0.5 seconds and I see 2 million rows imported before it goes away)

      - Creating extract database (this never goes away, as i said I've left it up to 252 mins)