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    Bins + Grand Total By Rows - "cannot turn on grand totals for discrete measures"

    Andy D

      Hi.  I used a calculated field to create bins but because it's based on conditionals I'm unable to add my own totals.  Because of that, I tried using Grand Totals.  While it works, I cannot have discrete fields in the view.  This is an issue because I need a way to exclude rows I don't want to see - specifically I want to limit the view to the top N.


      To limit it to top N, I just created a "rank" field using "index()" but it's a discrete measure.   I tried some other methods but it's always the same error.  I just don't how to remove the rows I don't want while still keeping the rows.


      I won't be able to share the workbook or data but hoping someone has dealt with the issue and knows how to deal with it.