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    Line graph with Dual Axis - 4 Measures ( 2 on Y-axis and 2 on Z-axis)

    karen N



      Tableau 9.2


      I have a scenario as mentioned below.

      I need Order Date on X- Axis,  Sales and Sales YTD on Y- Axis, Order Quantity and Order Quantity YTD on Z axis.

      Sales YTD and Order Quantity YTD are calculated fields.


      X-axis === Order Date

      Y-axis === Sales, Sales YTD

      Z-axis === Order Quantity, Order Quantity YTD


      I can place 2 measures (Sales, Sales YTD) on Y-axis but it allows only 1 measure on Z-axis (Order Quantity). I need Order Quantity YTD as well on Z-axis.


      Is there any way to achieve this in Tableau?