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    Conditional formatting for each column, and a line graph

    Tableau Noob

      Imagine that you have two data sets. One lists some people and shows if they are wealthy or not, and married or not. The other data set shows for each person and each month, how many depressed days they had.


      I want to create a dashboard that looks like this: people are listed as rows, one column shows if they are wealthy or not, the next shows if they are married or not, and in the end there is a line graph for their depressed days over time.


      I have created a simple worksheet (attached). The problem is, when I drag "Married" into the color field, it colors the line graph, not the "Married" column. I want to modify the text color and background color of that column.

      Also, I want "married" to be colored based on the married dimension, while "wealthy" is formatted based on the wealthy dimension.

      Basically, here is what I get:




      And here is what I want to get:




      How can I achieve this?