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    In Tableau 9.2- For a weekly trend report..For the current week, how to show the text as  Date - Week Till Date



      I'm struck. I need to show a weekly trend report. For the current week the data will be partial right..so in that case is there a way that for the current week only I can show the column text as Date- Week Till Date


      For example if we take this week and the past two weeks, I want to show it as:


      Weekly Trend:

      5/29/16                         6/5/16                      6/12/16- Till Date    ( This way users will know that the current weeks data is partial which is to till date only)


      and also

      5/29/16 - 6/4/16        6/5/16 - 6/11/16    ( is this possible in tableau)


      Please advice.