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    Text Tables Presentation from a fellow TUG Leader

    Christopher Scott

      This post is more of a shout-out to my fellow North Carolinian and Tableau User Group Leader William Aubrey!  William has put together a fantastic presentation, in Tableau, on the many functionalities of Tableau and the dreaded (cue scary music *** *** ***) TEXT TABLES !  He gives an incredible breakdown of everything from out-of-the-box techniques all the way down to Jedi-level wizardry.  This presentation/workbook is super simple to follow and just as easy to present and something that I believe could be used by any User Group leader from the seasoned pro to the brave new leader. 


      After seeing this and several other posts about text tables I'm reminded of that infamous quote from Jeff Goldblum in Jurrasic Park:


      ...if we would just stop for a minute and ask ourselves/our clients..."SHOULD we really do this"?!?!?  LOL I thought this was HILARIOUS!


      Hope you all enjoy this presentation as I expect it will get a LOT of mileage!


      Visually yours,

      Christopher Scott