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    Tableau Data Sources Not Refreshing!

    Ashwin Chandak


      I hope had a good weekend. I am having some issues with the Tableau data sources.


      On some days (though infrequent, but still), the data source doesn't refresh. The tableau logs dont yield any insightful metadata that can help us root cause this issue.


      There are no errors on the Tableau Server side for us to figure out as well. The data simply doesn't load.


      We have to manually refresh the data source and the data flows through but we would like to know why this is happening to address the underlyign reason.


      Is there a way we can:


      1. Acquire the metadata for the data source load (time to refresh, time of refresh)

      2. Cause of Failure

      3. Best practices to handles such issues

      4. Usual causes for such data refresh failures.





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          Nathan Panuco

          Hi Ash!


          When you say the logs do not yield any insight, was that information provided through a case with Tableau Technical Support? Tableau's Server logs can be a tricky thing use to diagnose issues. In the Engineering Team, we regular weekly meetings where we discuss cases and review logs as a group to better diagnose and trace issues back to their root cause. Many times we'll identify what appears to be an insignificant event in the logs can provide insight into the root cause. If you haven't already, I would suggest opening a case with Tableau Technical Support and provide the symptoms, exact date and time of error, a copy of the server ziplogs (encompassing the date of the incident) along with the name of the workbooks or data sources having issues and screenshots of any error messages received by the user.


          Thanks and hope that helps!