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    Parameter to return customers with change in sales <=-$48,000 and >=$48,000

    Carol Gensimore

      I found the error of my ways!  Just need to walk away for a bit.




      I have a worksheet that shows the change in revenue per customer for a six month period as both a % and $.  I want the user to input the minimum % and $ parameters. The twist is when a user inputs the minimum % and $, for example 20% and $48,000, I would like the results to include customers with <= -20% and >=20%  and

      <= -$48,000 and >= $48,000.


      The following calculation and parameters only result in positive results, not the negative.


      Please help.




      Below is the $ side of the calculation and parameter; not showing the %


      Parameter:  Enter $ Change in Six Month Sales


      Calculation for $ Change in Sales:


      if[Change in Six Month Sales $ ]>=[Enter $ Change in Six Month Sales] and

      [Change in Six Month Sales $]<= -([Enter $ Change in Six Month Sales])

      then [Change in Six Month Sales $ ] end




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