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    Fill in the Blanks

    Manas Pappu



      I have an issue. After a prolonged discussion that it cannot be made and te raw data cannot be tampered with, I have come over here t find any answer to this issue.


      While taking the raw data and using to make a progress bar.(as shown in scenario A)



      (Please note I cannot use original data or a tableau screen shot)


      This shows the progress of  every customer through various events, but in real world all the events will not be considered for that particular customer

      Here the colors are achieved and the <*> asterisk is to show the milestone for the event. The asterisk is used in place of a value(1) in this case for the same.


      My clients would like the same to be show as below


      I am not understanding how to fill in the gaps but not show the milestone.


      Please help