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    Presentation Documents to Demystify R-Integration by Bora Beran

    Anthony Gould

      Hi TUG Leads


      Earlier this year SeaTUG was pleased to highlight Bora Beran presenting an introduction into how we can use R's rich open source framework to enhance our vizzes, improve our analyses, and push Tableau to it's limits.  His presentation generated a lot of discussion and certainly provided new inspiration to most of our audience who had not been exposed to Tableau and R to date.  Bora was kind enough to provide links to his presentation materials.


      To make the most of these documents, you must establish a connection to an Rserve server, which is a server that allows applications to access R functionality.  Use this link to read more about how to do that (R Connection)


      Bora's Presentation Materials

      Stock Portfolio example



      Network graph example



      Logistic regression example (saving and reusing models)+ https://boraberan.wordpress.com/2013/12/16/logistic-regression-in-tableau-using-r/


      In addition to these materials, he has numerous other examples and write-ups on his blog (http://Boraberan.wordpress.com) page or the OneDrive (link above).  Oh, and check out his Tableau Public profile for other inspiration like his 3D examples like this caffeine molecule.




      Thanks again Bora!