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    Grand Totals Do Not Reflect Data in the Table After Filtering Records Using Quartile Minimum

    Benjamin Daniel

      I have two calculations that are performing correctly.  They calculate the percentile of sales dollars and units represented by a specific item in a quarter (Q2 2015).  I have created calculated field to do an OR condition for filtering products that are at least in the upper quartile (n-tile > .75).  I can see in detailed data that the number of rows has reduced from ~4000 to ~1700. GREAT.


      The problem is that I have a grand totals row at the top of my sheet, and the total which it shows still has the number of records (and other total metrics) before I applied the n-tile filter. (see the blue circles in the image below) Can someone explain how I can configure the total to show the values of the reduced number of records?