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    Month to Month Comparison

    Jarvis Harvey

      HI all,


      I attempting to create a report that allows me the ability to compares rates year over year and month over month. The is that this wouldn't be a normal Month over Month report I need the report to have the ability to compare rates for April 2015 & July 2015 not just June to July .

      I tried to use the workbook below which I found in the forum as a guide but I was unable. Any suggestions?

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Jarvis,


          It would help to have some sample data but I suspect that the quickest solution to this may be to utilize 2 copies of the same data source with different periods filtered in each.  Does the comparison need to simply be on screen value differences or does it need to be a calculation of the differences between the values? 


          A workbook with some sample data and and what you are expecting for output will help us to help you. 


          Thank you.