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    Trying to calculate LFL sales for current week vs last week

    Shivang Desai

      Hi All,


      I am trying to calculate Like for Like (LFL) for Current Week vs Last Week. The calculation is :


      LFL = CurWeekSales- SameWeekLastYearSales/ SameeWeekLastYearSales


      But the thing is, I just need SameWeekLastYearSales only if CurWeekSales for that particular shop is present else it shouldn't calculate.


      EXAMPLE: There are 3 stores A, B and C.


      Store    CurrentWeekNet   SameWeekLastYearNet

      A                    50                          40

      B                                                  60

      C                    10

                           -------                     ------

                             60                         40


      So I want the calculation to be ((60/40)-40)*100)         


      The store B SameWeekLastYear shouldn't be taken into account because CurrentWeekNet for storeB wasn't present. Could any one help me with this?


      I have dimensions such as Current Full Week and Same Full Week Last year present.