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    Performance Testing Tableau Server

    Nicolas Perry

      Hello Everyone,


      I would require some suggestion from you regarding an approach that we need to adopt.


      We have started working on a dashboard which is hosted to tableau online and created using the tableau desktop version. This Workbook has 22 dashboards and the underlying data is 9-10 million.


      Now the problem we are facing is at the same time if there are more than 25 users accessing the report the performance is degrading. So we need to see options to improve the load time of the dashboard. We have gone through the approach of designing an efficient workbook by Alan available online but still no go. Now we have below questions and we are looking from some advice.


      1. Initially when we open the workbook will it render each of these 22 dashboards at the background? as we have noticed the initial load time is very high.

      2. How would I get the performance recording option in Tableau Online?

      3. Any suggestion about what should be the right approach to start looking at this complexity. Eg. Some relevant steps that we need to start of and then few that we need to perform as a mandate.


      We have gone through the links available online and tried to follow them as much as possible.