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    Relative filter change into range filter automatically

    Sandeep Sharma



      We have a relative filter where we are selecting next 3 years. After this i click on the other report in the same dashbaord, but after clicking the relative filter change into the range filter automatically. For the reference i am attaching the screen shots as well. Please anyone can help me to resolve the issue.



      when i click on the left side report marked bubble, the filter Insurance Date changes to range filter which is relative filter now. See the screen shot after changes.





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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Sandeep,


          I noticed this post was placed within the Tableau Newbie group rather than the general Forums and has not been seen by many other users as a result.  I have moved this post to the correct location. 


          Are you still working on this issue?  Thank you for he images.  Based upon these images, I believe you have an action filter in play between the two views.  We really need to see enough of the data structure for these visualizations to underestand the relationship between the two views and the different date ranges.   If this is still an issue, please check out this video Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing  for assistance creating a version with data that is able to be shared.  You may be able to create a view from the Tableau sample data source - superstore - as well. 


          Thank you