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    Extract data from HTML source code?

    Vincent Baumel

      I've got a unique problem. I built a dashboard that shows information for each state in the US, and I'd like to add in contact information for each state's representative in a particular national organization. Their website includes all of this information, but I'm unfamiliar in HTML. The URL ends in a 2 character state abbreviation, and the source code has the contact information. I could use a URL action, but it would show the entire website rather than parse out the contact information on its own. Is it at all possible to do the following:


      <quick filter for state abbreviation>

      -go to URL ending in state abbreviation

      -locate lines 585-594 of HTML source code

      -extract data from HTML

      -display data in dashboard


      It feels like a crazy request, but I'd love any insight. I'm not sure if an API is what I'm needing, or what.  Thanks!