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    pre updates in Tableau

    rajkumar k



      In Spot fire reporting tool there is option called Pre-Updates. Do we have the same option in Tableau.


      How Pre-updates works?


      Consider we have requirement with multiple table join , insert ,updates like.


      1. We will create a Table in database.

      2. Create a sequence of sql statement like (Example)


        a. Insert into table a from sel *from table1 (Consider this as complex query)

        b. Insert into table a from sel *from table2 inner join table3 on column1=column2 (Consider this as complex query)

        c. update  table set name=list sel name from table4 left join table4 on column1=column2 (Consider this as complex query)


      3. Place this sequence of DML in "Pre-updates"

      4. Place final query like "sel * from table" in final query part it called Sql section.

      5. While running report spot fire first runs pre-updates section (sequence of DML) and then my final Sql section.


      Note:- Apart from Procedure




      Raj Kumar K

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          Hi Rajkumar,


          Perhaps someone else can chime in with more knowledge around Spotfire functionality, but currently Tableau does not do any writing to the database, only reads. We will sometimes create temp tables for faster querying, but no inserts or updates like you describe in steps 1-3, that would need to happen before connecting Tableau to the data.