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    How to Define Filter Parameters in URL for Action Filters?

    Alex Jones



      I built a dashboard which utilizes an Action filter, like below:



      I need to be able to pass values to this filter within the URL as parameters when the dashboard is published to Tableau Online.


      This is straightforwards to do with normal quick filters, where I can simply use the column name, like url?columnName=value


      I tried to do something similar like url?Action%20%28Account%20Name%29=value for the dashboard I am working with but that doesn't work.


      I can't simply pass in the value as the actual column name as that will mess up the general filter experience, in order for the dashboard to work consistently it must utilize the Action filter and not a quick filter based on the column itself.  In other words, I can't simply filter on "Account Name", I have to use the "Action (Account Name)" filter for things to work properly.


      Anyone have any experience with this?