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    Default Order of Measures in Tooltip

    John Sobczak

      This one is frustrating me to no end.  I cannot figure out the default logic Tableau is using to order the measures in the tooltip.  It does not appear to be by the aggregation as per below.  The tooltip display is NOT the order I have put them on the marks card.  I realize I can manually adjust this in the tooltip, but I need to annotate many marks (counties on map) by selecting ALL the counties.  I do not want to manually go into each annotation to change the order.  If I knew Tableau's logic for determining the order then I could perhaps engineer this once in the measures.  I have tried many things like prefacing the measure name with a numeric, or even alpha and nothing seems to influence the order.


      Tooltip Sort.png

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          This is going to sound crazy, and I may be completely off-base,

          I but I feel like the order of when the calculation was created

          determined the order in the tooltip.


          What I did was create three sets of identical calculations

          of Furniture, Office Supplies, and Technology,

          but I created them in three different orders.

          (i.e. I created Tech first in the A set, second in the B set

          and third in the C set). Then I added the Measures

          in any order onto the different sheets.


          In the composite screenshot below, you can see that order

          of presentation in the tooltip is always 1-2-3,

          and I think that holds regardless of how the Measures get

          added to the marks card (second screenshot below).