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    Add totals based on top 10-20 HC in a chart?

    Vikash Kumar

      Hi I need your help on two items. I have 3 dashboard in one file.


      1> I have created a chart where I am showing top 10 or 20 Headcounts, now I want to show the total of only top 10 or 20 headcount how will I do it. I have used Window sum function which works fine with one dashboard but when I am trying to do the same in other dashboard it doesn't work... why? also alternately what can I do ?


      IF FIRST()==0 THEN WINDOW_SUM(SUM([CaseType_Red_Summary])) END

      What do I need to do to get the total in the same file but other dashboard????


      2> I want total of legends( which should change per filter)  in a separate dashboard, how will I do it?



      PS : I have used these totals in a sheet and use it like a text label to show the total.

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Vikash,


          If possible please supply a workbook so that others can see your work and the specific issue. A lot of the answers provided are dependent on seeing a bit of the data involved.


          For the first item - when dealing with a top x and trying to get a total for them, I would try to get those values to appear with a calculation that only returns the values for the selected top n values and then create a different view that just has the totals.  See the attached example workbook with the dashboard that shows a dyanamic top N with grand total that adjusts based on the selection of top N.  I utilized a horizontal layout container to make the totals move up/down wit the selected number of Top n. 


          For the second item - does the dashboard provided get you what you are looking for?  I need a bit more details here to help.


          I hope this helps.