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    CONTAINS function




      I have an issue I'm trying to sort out. I have created a calculated field which is working correctly and it takes into account the wording of the lead source and alocates the leads accordingly. For example, the statement is




      However, it is possible the lead source to be named "LEAD SOURCE PARTNER DEMAND CENTER" and in this case I don't want to be counted in Partner. Is there any way I could put an exception in the statement so as to take into account stricly only the leads coming from PARTNER DEMAND CENTER, excluding other wording ?


      Thanks in advance for your help

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          John Sobczak

          It might take some trial and error, but perhaps you could preface your calc by  IF NOT CONTAINS([Lead Source], " PARTNER")  then IF CONTAINS([Lead Source], "PARTNER DEMAND CENTER") THEN "PARTNER"  end


          where you put a space in front of the first string.