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    Highlighting that seemed simple, but this is a rabbit hole.... At least for me

    Daniel Araya



      I have a table that looks like this (and so on):




      I can map all the dots since i have latitude and longitude, and what I want, is to highlight the 4 closest offices when i click on one of them.

      In Tableau, I can only highlight members of a level within a field. For instance, I can tell the map to highlight all common locations shared within a state, or a city, or a code...

      In this case, I though of creating groups so that I can tell Tableau who to highlight based on this "group" column, but it would not work because even though office x is closest to office y, maybe office y is not closest to office x.. And if I duplicate some of the rows (offices) where this happens (some offices will have more than one group) then when I click on it it's not going to know which group it belongs to and will end up highlighting the wrong 4 offices.


      Any ideas?


      I know filters are more versatile, so if it can be done through filters, that is fine... but preferably I would highlight.



      Thanks so much for your help!!!