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    SeaTUG: Data Viz Techniques and Hands-On Dashboarding - June 15th

    Anthony Gould

      A very practical data visualization event is next up for the Seattle Tableau User Group! This means, other related technologies are left for another day and we'll focus entirely on designing amazing dashboards.


      The two primary focuses will be a presentation from Decisive Data's Zack Mazzoncini who will present Data Visualization Techniques and a hands-on portion of the event where we'll take on one of the latest Makeover Monday Tableau challenges. If you've not heard of Monday Makeover, no worries, we'll introduce it and tackle the challenge together. For those ready to build something on their own, breakout groups will be encouraged and we'll highlight amazing work at the end. Overall, we'll sharpen our skills and hear from a broad range of local expertise.




      3:00pm Welcome


      3:15pm Viz and Share


      3:20pm Vizable Intro and Teaser for July's SeaTUG


      3:30pm Data Visualization Techniques


      4:15pm Makeover Monday: Hands-on Dashboarding


      5:00pm Social hour


      SeaTUG: Data Visualization Techniques and Hands On Dashboarding Registration, Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 3:00 PM | Eventbrite


      Hope to see you there!