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    Problems with a Grand Total Calculation

    Eric Horio


      I'm trying to have my "grand total" column divide my Kept Totals by Set Totals. For example if you take the APAC row grand total, and divide Meetings Kept divided by Meetings Set Total ( 104/145 ), it should come up to 72%. However, the Kept % is showing 530%.The same thing is happening to the grand totals at the bottom. Do you know how to fix that?



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          Mahfooj Khan

          You can try something like this. First remove the grand total from rows.

          From analysis tab you can do that

          See you will not have any row level grand total.

          Duplicate the current sheet and remove the week ending field from column shelf and Kept% from measures values then create a calc filed using below screen shot.

          Drag this new calc field in measure values. Hide the headers from Theater. You'll get below view.

          Now you have to do some hack. Create a dashboard and drag sheet3 first. Hide the title of the sheet and drag another sheet4 at right side hide the title. Drag a text object and Title with "Grand total". Adjust the alignment to sync the rows. You'll get the below view.

          I hope this what you wanted.