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    Another filled map question

    Jean Atelsek

      Sorry for the newbie question -- I've spent hours going through the great solutions put together by Richard Leeke, Shawn Wallwork, and others, but before I go down the rabbit hole I need to know whether this is possible:


      I need to create a filled map that shows colors along a gradient for two types of geographies:


      1. Four US regions, based on US census definitions (Northeast, South, Midwest, and West)

      2. An assortment of countries around the globe.


      Is it possible to combine these onto one map? In other words, can I designate the four US regions as countries so their values will appear on the map along with the values for non-US countries?


      Thanks in advance for any insight...



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          Steve Burger



          If I understand your question correctly, the way to do this would be via custom geo-coding the regions within the U.S.


          From the KB below:

          "If your geographic data does not fit into the built-in geographic roles, you can create new geographic roles and assign them to the geographic fields in your data. "


          Here is the link providing the a step-by-step example and discussion of custom geo-coding: Custom Geocoding


          Here is a Tableau user/blog who has created a handy tool to draw custom polygons on Google Maps to create custom polygon data files for the purposes of custom geo-coding (Please be aware this is an individuals contribution and NOT a product supported by Tableau). Creating Custom Polygons By Drawing Directly on a Google Map | Tableau and Behold!


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