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    "Blue things and Green things" very good explanation on Tableau fundamentals

    Andrii Kabanets

      I've found this explanation of differences between dimensions vs measures from Tom Brown from "The Information Lab" very helpful. It could be learned even before starting Free Training Videos and in this case a lot of things from the start will be much easier to understand and follow.


      Few words from the author of this article:

      "Understanding the difference between the blue and green items in Tableau is (IMHO) the single most important piece of understanding necessary to make Tableau function well. 

      It it so fundamental, that I can honestly say that until I understood this, I was pretty much guessing how Tableau would react to my actions."


      Here is the link "Blue things and Green things"


      Happy Data Dance

      Blue and Green.png

      It's not new on this forum - I've found few links on this issue in some answers but for sure this article merit separate topic in Newbie Forum.