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    Trouble with filters when using Y/Y

    Jeffrey Joseph

      Hello!  Very new here and sort of new to Tableau as well.  Nice to meet you.


      I've got a dashboard that contains 9 quarters worth of data.  I'm using 9 quarters because I am tasked to show Y/Y growth for the past 5 quarters.  So I need that 1 full year of historical data for comparison sake.


      I have a horizontal bar chart which displays only the prior 1 quarter of data but has Y/Y sales growth in COLORS.  So this chart is showing Q1 FY17 for the bars then the colors are a Y/Y using Q1FY17 and Q1FY16

      I want it sorted by sales total (see left chart below) for the prior quarter only (Q1 FY17) but when I apply a quick filter, the sort order blows up (see right chart below).  I believe it is using the sum of the prior 1 quarter and all the historical quarters used for the Y/Y. 


      Is there a way to make the sort only apply to the prior quarter while still keeping the data required for the Y/Y comparison?


      Thank you!





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          Welcome to the Forum.


          I apologize at the outset if I did not fully grasp the issues at hand.

          If the attached do not adequately match your setup,

          please modify them to make them closer.


          I made a very simplified dataset, and probably an overly complicated

          chain of calculations to arrive at the goal of just showing the selected quarter,

          coloring it by ratio, and sorting it by last quarter regardless of a second filter.


          I think the key point may be the use of a Level of Detail calculation

          to just get the value of the quarter in question, while leaving all

          the other quarter data intact.