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    Running Total Sales Growth relative to Average sales before X period


      Hi all,


      Thanks for any help! I'll try to explain as best i can.


      Looking at the attached workbook--


      I want to track the running total of growth in sales for each 'owner' in the following way:


      There is an 'event' between period -1 and 1 which should spur growth, so I want to track the >0 periods relative to the <0 period


      Ideally, I would like a chart with 'Owners' as rows and 'Incremental Growth' as the column header.


      Desired calculation of incremental growth:

      1. For each account, the average sales for periods -1, -2, and -3 will serve as the "Baseline" sales number for each account (and the sum of these averages will be the "Baseline" sales number for each owner)

      2. I want the running total from all period >0 of the "lift" in sales for each owner (lift meaning the sales less the "baseline" sales number for each period)


      is there an easy method for doing this that I've overlook? would be happy to further elaborate if necessary.