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    Extract issues - what am I missing?

    Natasshia Lee

      I am hoping someone can help me understand what is going on. In my server, I am pulling several tables together:


      Human Info -> Account Info -> Buying Info -> Location Info


      I want to show the account sign ups YOY even if a customer did not buy something in a bar graph. So I have the following joins:


      Human Info (full outer) -> Account Info (full outer) -> Buying info (Left) -> Location Info


      When I'm live, it gives me the correct number of accounts in the bar graph BUT as soon as I try and create an extract with one parameter (enroll date >2015 which is in Account Info table) to bring me the data for YOY then all of the accounts who did not buy anything disappear in my bar graph.


      I'm guessing there's some connection to the enroll date that I'm missing...