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    Updates to Install Guide

    Paul Hardman

      Hi Matt


      Just completed an install of VizAlerts on our test server and wow! It's good!


      I would like to give you some (very minor) feedback for the next update of the install_guide.docx:


      * In the 'Tableau Server Repository Settings' table on the db.query row, you should probably refer to the fact that if you change from the default "_lerts%" your string should all be in lower case - I set up my schedules with a prefix of VizAlerts and had to use "vizalerts%" in order to get it to work.

      * In the 'Put VizAlerts through its paces' section, in point 6, the reference should be to the 'Advanced Alerts Test' worksheet rather than 'Advanced Alerts Demo'.

      * When setting up a scheduled task, you may need to check "Run with Highest Priviledges", as this is the only way we could get the scheduled task to complete successfully, even when using a service account.


      These minor problems apart, the install_guide and user_guides are brilliant and very helpful. We'll be moving VizAlerts to Production very soon!