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    Text Mining

    Brandon Ohlaug

      Hello EIA TUG Group – In our meeting one of the questions from the notecards was on Text Mining, how to do it, and any other specifics on it.  My knowledge on Text Mining comes from a class I took at the University of Iowa as part of my masters.  The class was Text Mining and Iowa will offer it again soon if you're interested.  In this class we used R and not Tableau. If we want I could go into more details of R, which then can be pulled into Tableau for a visual using the RServe functionality.  Tableau wouldn’t actually do any of the actual text mining this way though, just visualizing what R would kick out.  I don’t know of any way in Tableau to do this.  So that would be my question to the group.  Does anyone know how to do this or have experience in Tableau with Text Mining or even possible?  Or you can reply and we can go further down the R path and connecting R scripts to Tableau.  Thanks - Brandon