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    How to to Calculation to Fiscal Year

    Shankar Mishra

      How to do calculation according to fiscal year .

      I have a scenario where i have to  to Show Year to month target

      when i tried to do calculation  month(posting date)<= month(today)

      it works for me but the challenge in this calculation is

      when we will move to month of january month no is 1 there it will show only jan data not before that

      How can i overcome this problem??

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          Andrew Watson

          When using the date function - i.e. MONTH - with a fiscal year things become more complicated. The date functions ignore the fiscal year settings, so Jan will always be 1, Feb 2, etc. To get around this you would make use of the DATEADD to align the fiscal year to the calendar year. For example of your fiscal year started in April, which is month 4, to convert this to month 1 you would -3 months in the dateadd function.


          Hope that helps.