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    Filter to be used to change color of bar

    david sharbaugh

      I want to show all of the doctors on the x axis in a bar chart where the height of the bar is an outcome (ex - avg cost per case) and when I select one physician, I want all the bars to stay there, but I want the color of the selected physician to change color.  The reason is I don't want them to see the names of any of the doctors but I want them to see the variation among the doctors and where they fall in the mix.  In example below, when filter on Doctor 5, his bar turns a different color.


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          Carl Slifer

          Howdy David,


          We'd first one to create a parameter that allows you to select which doctor to look at. Then we will make a calc field and put this on the colour shelf so they could be changed based on your selection.  In order to hide names from the doctors you may need to do some data work depending on your system. You can also do this via a username() calculation if you have tableau server.

          It would be something like

          USERNAME() = [Doctor]

          And you would colour by the above field which would make it automatically the correct doctor to see their own scores highlighted.



          Carl Slifer