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    CTUG 2nd Qtr Speaker Meeting

    William Aubrey

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      The Charlotte Tableau User Group held it's 2nd Quarter 2016 Speaker Meeting at the Wells Fargo Connections Center on May 19, 2016. Our evening's sponsor, Randstad, set a social tone with catering and beverages before our meeting. Many thanks to Wells Fargo and Randstad for their contributions to making our user group successful!


      • Malleswar Varikuti led us off on a discussion of the Tableau Security model.  As a Lead Engineer at Time Warner Cable, Malleswar has deep experience with the administration of several analytics tools. He shared with us a technical overview of security capabilities as well as his personal experience administering Tableau versus other tools. Malleswar's presentation is available in our content library.


      • Jeremy Poole, from Belk, provided a short overview of his experience building a viz that went on win recognition in Viz of the Day and Viz of the Week. His enthusiasm for Tableau Public had all of us charged up and ready to dig into some public data. Jeremy's presentation is available in our content library.


      • Brian Mooneyham shared with us his experience leading performance monitoring and optimization at Wells Fargo. He illustrated the impact that SQL decisions, from custom SQL to left and inner joins, can have on performance as well as provided tips on using TDC files with Teradata. Among the accomplishments in performance enhancements was the work they did to optimize extract run-time by prioritizing faster running jobs.


      Many thanks to all of our speakers at this meeting!


      With the support of Tableau we now have schwag that will be given away at each meeting. With the help of our Tableau Random Number Generator, we awarded Brent Miller with a "Party with your data!" thermos! Congratulations Brent!


      Many thanks also to our attendees for bringing your enthusiasm and your questions to our meetings. If you would be interested in presenting a topic or if you simply have a question about Tableau, please reach out and let us know!


      Thank you,

      William Aubrey