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    Tableau Server Estimations

    Kishore kumar Karakavalasa

      Hi Tableau Experts,

      Could anyone share Tableau time scale estimations for Server which include below activites:

      1.Environment Creation i.e Dev,Stage,Prod

      2.Architecture,Configuration,Installation etc.

      3.Site Creations,User Creation and Management.



      6.Security i.e Authentication,Authorization etc

      7.Disaster Recover plan.


      You can provide the rough estimates if you have implemented in any previous projects, so that we can refer and apply accordingly.


      Please let me know if you need any information on above.



      Thanks in anticipation.





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          Toby Erkson

          You likely won't get any answers or ones that are worth anything because it completely depends on your complete reporting environment    Items 1, 2, & 7 have too many variables to predict and all of us -- from what I've seen here so far -- have different reporting environments and requirements.


          Also, as you move forward you'll find some things aren't needed or take longer/shorter to perform or you find ways to automate bits of it.  For example, creating a schedule takes mere seconds but getting the end user to specify exactly what they want and making it fit into Tableau's less than robust scheduling can take several emails or a phone conversation to iron it out.


          It would be best to work with your sales representative.  Also worth reading is Tableau Server: Everybody's Install Guide .